Mission Critical

Datalink software powers organisations that protect, improve and recover communities, localities and operations.


Customers capture data with highly structured data, rich multimedia and precise geospatial asset matching.


Maps, offline databases and pin-point precision helps identify the right asset every time, even when offline.


Organisations can keep their communities safe with asset reports and safety inspections.


Datalink software tracks disaster impacts and recovery efforts over time, and more effectively shares and integrates data with others in recovery. 

Operations Software for Critical Missions

Hundreds of organisations use Datalink software every day to help their communities.

Datalink builds more than software; we build partnerships. 

Our difference is that we care deeply about our customer’s missions. 

We enjoy being a part of a larger effort to protect and enhance communities, improve organisation safety and build resilience.

We help the helpers to improve their communities, and we love what we do.


Emergency Response

Roster your team, organise your EOC and handle information, requests and jobs across multiple locations.


Enhance coordination, communication and situational awareness in your EOC.

Fire Risk Reduction

Manage community-wide property inspections and compliance to reduce community fire risk.


Maintain up-to-date, secure registers of vulnerable persons and facilities with cross-organisation workflow.

Community Recovery

Seamless community recovery operations across your relief centre, field teams, external agencies and contractors.

Field Inspections

Conduct field inspections with accurate and structured geospatial data collection.

Property Inspection

Conduct in-field property inspections to maintain compliance with local laws and community safety.


Deploy field officers to maintain safety and compliance, look up offenders, capture evidence and issue notices.

Datalink software is used every day for mission critical applications

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Making the world better by helping the helpers 

Emergencies, disasters and disruptions can be highly stressful for those with the job to help protect, respond and recover from them.

We’re using the power of mobile and internet to make this job easier.

We believe that better software will lead to better preparedness and compliance, better execution under pressure and better outcomes, so we’re building the best app for governments, utilities and organisations around the world to help them better deal with emergencies, risks and compliance for their communities.

Our aim is to improve the way emergencies are managed, as this will lead to safer and more resilient communities around the world.


A community of users

Join hundreds of other governments, agencies, utilities and community service organisations who work in collaboration to manage their risks, deal with compliance and recover from emergencies. 

 “Our team are using Crisisworks to conduct field assessments post impact which has provided us with increased visibility and accountability in the management of long term recovery of people and property”

Vicki Collins, Ballarat City Council

Learn about Crisisworks

Crisisworks is our leading platform that makes this all possible. See how Crisisworks can help your organisation conduct more effective risk, compliance and recovery ops.

Work at Datalink

Datalink is growing, and we’re looking for talented software engineers, content writers and domain specialists to help build world-leading software that makes a difference.


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